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Clamp Check
















  • A must for every VMC & HMC
  • First time in India
  • German quality in Indian price
  • One time investment, Life time benefit
  • Cost reduction... Quality Enhancement


Clamp check is a draw bar force gauge. Designed to measure forces of machine tool draw bar (Spindle force in vertical/horizontal machining center)

Why Draw Bar Force Needs To Be Measured

  • Draw bar force gauge allows early detection of problems with the spindle pressure springs system.
  • Verification of performance of the clamping system helps prevent damage to spindle taper and othe machine features critical to machining accuracy and ultimately helps to keep the machine in good condition & safety of operator.
  • Draw bar is often the first thing to wear out in machine.
  • As draw bar force weakens, clamping force on the tool holder also weakens, which leads to excessive noise, vibration marks and ultimately tool breakage & loss of accuracy.
  • Monitoring draw bar force is important for scheduling machine maintenance and increasing tool & machine life.
  • Clamp Check is a deivce that provides the easiest way to check the draw bar force.
  • It requires no battery or electronic components.
  • Just need to clamp the gauge in place of an adaptor on the machine spindle and note down the reading on the dial.
  • If it indicates 25% less than value prescribed by the manufacturer, consult your maintenance department immediately.
  • Available with BT 30, BT 40, BT 50, SK 30, SK 40, SK 50, CT 40, CT 50, HSK 40, HSK 50, HSK 63, HSK 80, HSK 100.
  • Note: Check the spindle force before starting the work everyday with CLAMP CHECK